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hey you crazy kids. :)

anyone have thoughts about address and subjectivity in althusser?

this is gonna be a crazy week.

to do list (before thursday):

1. finish valentines. ::looks down in shame::
2. write discussion questions on althusser, beneviste and kristeva for feminist address seminar
3. go grocery shopping
4. do laundry
5. finish stats computer assignment
6. pick paper topic for theory of the sign
7. wallow in self-pity
8. write paper for theory of the sign
9. mess around with RI criminal court database
10. write up data assignment/paper for PP117 (TA job)
11. finish resume
12. apply for at least a few jobs
13. tear hair out
14. finish write-ups for explo courses (summer teaching job)
15. take car in for tune-up
16. go to municipal court to pay parking tickets
17. hem new pants (mmm . . . chocolate brown felty stuff . . . ::drool::)
18. sleep
19. at least think about position paper for ethics
20. clean apartment
21. reply to all the back comments on my journal
22. pay bills
23. email my mom
24. take pocket watch and swiss army knife in for cleaning and repairs

luckily for my sanity, when i finish this list of tasks i will be free and clear for a five-day vacation with H. talk about incentive. ::big silly grin:: sheer excitement and adrenaline should be more than enough to carry me through, although the waiting is its own special form of torture. ah well . . . what is it they say about anticipation again? ;>

i'm so blissfully happy right now, it's bizarre. i'm feeling super productive (for once,) and things with H are in a really good place. (see my last big post for details.) plus, as an added bonus, i just got my official yuppie certification -- a handspring visor. ::giggle:: now if livejournal would just put out a client for it . . . ::evil evil grin::

anyway . . . i'm gonna get some more work done, and will probably post more later.

ciao. ;)

ps -- the weather today was absolutely incredible. ::smile::
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