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just took the butch/femme test.

like lorien, i am a pure androgyne, baby. ;>

and people used to try to tell me i was all butch and shit. ::giggle::


had a pretty kick-ass evening tonight. St. A's meeting was fun as usual, followed by a few hours on the phone with H while i made mushroom & asparagus risotto. (mmm mmm good. ;) and what sunday would be complete (at least in this house) without watching the new episode of queer as fuck . . . i mean, folk. it hurts so good . . . ::grin::

anyhoo. everyone wish me luck with the first real meeting of my grad seminar tomorrow. mmm . . . feminist address. hopefully i'll get most of the reading done in the morning so i don't make a complete fool of myself.

and on that note . . . "to sleep, perchance to dream." ;)
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