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just got back from clubbin . . . what a scene!

drama 1: saw kat (incredibly naive but cute blonde chick w/very little in the personality department) there . . . she totally avoided me and left soon after i arrived. which i guess is understandable since my attempt at dating her fizzled and died in early december when i realized that she was completely unaware of the fact that kissing should ideally involve opening your mouth. but it made me feel kinda icky . . . i hate it when people i used to be friends/lovers/acquaintances with start avoiding me, no matter how valid the reason is. ::sigh::

drama 2: gay boys gay boys everywhere and not a drop for my babies to drink. ah well . . . they'll both find boyfriends before long, so i should be happy that they're all mine for a bit longer. ;)

drama 3: there was this really hot chick there (for once!) who looked WAY too much like my ex-gf J. i kept looking over at her and thinking about just going and talking to her or whatever, but then i realized that that would be really bad for me so i didn't. besides, she was like ten years older than me and was wearing one of those raver glow sticks right over the crotch of her jeans. creepy. besides, i have other things on my mind right now . . . ::sigh::

ANyway . . . that's the story of my evening. now, to bed.
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