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queer independent video

i feel like a bad person, but in general i just can't stand queer independent video. we were watching this horrible thing called "the look of love" in class today, and all that was going through my mind was "there's self-referentiality, and then there are pastels."

this queer cinema class is gonna bore the pants off me. not only have i already seen 2/3 of the screenings (when i came into class the prof asked me if i'd taken it before, i said no, then she asked if i was teaching it) but i can think of movies that would be SO much better . . . and i'm gonna have to end up talking about the revolutionary potential of indie video and i just can't get over the conviction that it can't change anything if no one sees it. i've come to the conclusion that i'm way too macro in my thinking sometimes . . . ::shrug::

but the point is . . . when did senior seminars become a walk in the park? and when did the MCM department start to go downhill? maybe i'm just an old foggie at 20. i think i need some new faces or something . . . ::sigh::

on a lighter note, i'm going dancing tonight at our friendly neighborhood queer club. i'll probably dance for like half an hour, drink some test tube shots, play pool and then dance for the last ten minutes before they close so my gay boys don't bitch me out for not dancing enough. as per usual. dancing is so much less fun when you don't have someone to dance with . . . which i guess makes sense since i'm really not into physical exertion when it doesn't involve sex. ::chuckle:: but kristina's coming, so at least i'll have someone to talk to while the boys dance themselves into a sweat-soaked frenzy. :)

anyway . . . i should eat something now so i don't get smashed later. yeah.
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